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In Early September 2009 I was approached by a representative from Telco Solutions to sell or broker products for Telco Solutions.The rep is Slade Jones.

His boss Travis Taylor who owns the company arranged everything. He just said to bring in the clients telecom bills and he would crunch the numbers for me. They also had me selling Clear Internet for them. I signed my customers up on Telco Solutions website and the money came in to Telco.

I was told it took a while to get paid but I kept selling. Well one payday came and went with little of nothing. The Clear Demo I was given to use to sell off of quit working. I called Clear.

They said it was for lack of payment. Mr Jones assured me on that Thursday it was an oversight and he's get it handled asap. I called hem every day for several days and he ducked my calls. So I started working with another guy at Telco.

Mr Travis told me to and I continued selling. I emailed Erin t,the next guy Mr Travis had me working with all of my contracts and was assured I'd be paid when the money came in. I called Mr Travis 3 days before the money came to him only to be told he had no contract with me and didn't have to pay me. I hate getting scammed by people like this.

I earned every dime of what was owed to me and then some. I now have to sue Mr Travis and Telco to get paid. That's a shame. Even though I was hired by them ,at their office ,signed clients up on Telco's site ,worked at Telco's headquarters.

All that matters to Travis Taylor is he may be able to cheat someone out of a little money. I guess I'll see them in court. They say the represent 26 other companies.

My attorney said because this theft was done under their banner too (all on Telco's site) that I can subpena every one of those companies.Its going to be shame to make all those people appear in court and prove that the broker that has been representing them is actually just a scam.

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